Speaker Slides: 5G UK Test beds and Trials (OS, Home)

  • When

    20th September 2017

  • Where

    Ordnance Survey, Southampton

  • Contact

    Stuart Revell (stuart.revell@rtacs.com)

On 20th September 2017, the 5G & IoT test bed and trials partners* held a free event, kindly hosted by the  Ordnance Survey, Southampton, and this time focused on application to the home. The workshop marked the third in a series of 2017 events to share the latest updates and activities with respect to 5G & IoT research, test beds and trials.

*The 5G & IoT test bed partners organising and hosting events: 5GIC University of Surrey, BRE, Cambridge Wireless, Digital Catapult, Digital Greenwich, Wireless TIC, PCSE, King’s College London, Network Rail, NPL, SMMT, University of Bristol, Middlesex University, Ordnance Survey and CommNet2

Below is the day’s agenda with downloadable presentations in red.

  • Agenda Item
  • Presentation
  • Speaker

  • 1 – Welcome and Introduction from meeting chair
    Presentation 1
  • a) Overview of activities and previous meeting outcomes
    b) Objectives for the day, 5G and Transport focus
  • Stuart Revell, External Engagement Advisor, 5GIC

  • 2 – Ordnance Survey (OS) – host presentations

    Presentation 2a & b

    Presentation 2c

  • a) Welcome and Opening Address
    b) OS update – test beds & trials, capabilities and opportunities
    c) 5G Bournemouth update plus 5G tool demo
  • a & b) Ben Nduva, OS
    c) Richard Woodling & Jack Harrison, OS

  • 3 – Government programmes and initiatives

    Presentation 3a

    Presentation 3b

  • a) DCMS – 5G Testbeds & Trials Programme
    b) 5G Innovation Network (Open forum / workshop)
  • a) Phil Saw, DCMS
    b) Stuart Revell, 5GIC, University of Surrey

  • 4 – Lunch, OS R&D showcase & demos

  • Hosted by Ordnance Survey

  • 5 – 5G Test beds and Trials – partner presentations / updates

    Presentation 5a

    Presentation 5b

    Presentation 5c

    Presentation 5d

  • a) PSCE update – 5G and European Interoperable broadband for Public Safety Communications

    b) 5G Test Beds and Trials – HUB 1 project – 5GUK

    c) 5G Brighton Test Bed

    d) NPL update

  • a) David Lund, PSCE & HW Comms
    b) Stuart Revell, 5GIC, University of Surrey
    c) Dritan Kaleshi, Digital Catapult Centre
    d) David Humphreys, NPL

  • 6 – 5G Test beds and Trials – partner presentations / updates – meeting focus HOME

    Presentation 6a

    Presentation 6b

    Presentation 6c

  • a) Building Research Establishment Update
    b) 5G in the home, Use cases and 5G opportunities
    c) Open forum discussion: 5G in the HOME – use cases & priorities
  • a) Martin Ganley, BRE
    b) Richard Woodling, OS
    c) Stuart Revell, 5GIC, University of Surrey

  • 7 – AOB & Calendar
  • All

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