Latest Sector News: Tech Nation Report, UK Tech Clusters & 5G-VINNI

Tech Nation Report 2018 Released

Last published in 2015, an updated Tech Nation Report has been released which aims to capture the evolution of the UK tech ecosystem. The report explores the key finding that collaboration and global connectivity is driving impressive tech sector growth and highlights challenges, opportunities and trends for the years ahead. 

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UK Tech Innovation Index – Interactive Map

The Tech Nation Report highlights the importance of clusters in underpinning the success of the UK Tech Sector, and the new UK Tech Innovation Index, produced by the Data City and supported by the Open Data Institute (ODI) has produced an interactive map showing these UK clusters for five key technologies.   

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Telenor Group to lead 5G-VINNI Project

The Telenor Group will lead the latest 5G PPP Project, 5G Verticals INNovation Infrastructure (5G-VINNI). The aim is to speed up European uptake of 5G by running trials of advanced vertical sector services. There are 23 partners involved, including telcos, vendors and academics and the verticals in question will include public safety, eHealth, shipping, transport, media and automative. 

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