EPSRC Call for Quantum Tech Consortia Research Leaders

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    7th August 2018

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EPSRC have just released a call that may be of interest to Commnet members. The call is for Research Leaders to join the consortium that will develop (and eventually deliver) the phase 2 Quantum Technology Research Hubs.

In particular, scope has been established for a Research Hub in Quantum Computing and Simulation through discussions with the academic and industrial communities, and consideration by the delivery partners and Strategic Advisory Board of the National Quantum Technologies Programme.

Quantum Computation and Simulation Hub Scope

The Quantum Computation and Simulation Hub in a second phase of the National QT Programme will need to cover the priority areas listed below.

 o         Must include both quantum computing and simulation

o         Hardware and software activities included in an integrated fashion, including research on the architecture and operating system for quantum computing and simulation

o         The Hub should maintain the UK’s leading position in networked architectures for quantum computing and simulation based on photonics and ion traps, with particular focus on addressing challenges to scalability, fidelity and reliability in the drive to a universal quantum computer

o         A Hub should include work on both hardware and software which helps the UK remain flexible to other approaches to quantum computing through developing the expertise and links needed to remain abreast of international activities and developments

o         The Hub should identify potential applications and problems where the full potential of quantum computing and simulation is needed

o         Work into hybrid approaches should be included

Research Areas Open for EoIs:

-Memories and storage for quantum computing and simulation 

-Algorithms for quantum computing and simulation 

-Hybrid computing involving quantum

-Emulation of quantum computers and simulators

-Computing systems comprising both hardware and software to deliver quantum computing

-Photonics for quantum computing and simulation   

Deadline for applications is 7th August 2018.

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