Healthcare News: GSMA on Digital Health in Developing Markets

GSMA Intelligence has released a report featuring their latest research in collaboration with the GSMA’s mHealth programme. The research focused on the digital healthcare landscape in developing countries. With digital healthcare starting to take first steps in developing markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America, it is crucial that technology and digital solutions help to address they key healthcare issues of expanding coverage and facilitating access, enhancing the quality of services, optimising resources and being cost efficient.

Digital health scale could be a key player in driving long-term socioeconomic benefits for developing economies and the report made the following recommendations:

  • Industry to stimulate government investment by demonstrating how digital health solutions help address national healthcare issues.
  • Ecosystem collaboration to overcome fragmentation and drive technology integration
  • Mobile operators to adopt strategies that strengthen their role as ICT partners for governments, health services and tech companies.
  • A holistic approach that looks at digital healthcare as a holistic portfolio of services.
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