CommNet2 Events

The main way that CommNet2 plans to achieve its aims of bringing together our community is through a programme of events aimed at identifying key challenges in the field of ICT. These events mostly look to produce a community defined series of challenges in and responses to particular topics, and of course, to foster collaboration throughout our network.

A key difference of our event programme is that all of our events are proposed and led by members of our community so that they truly represent the key topics and challenges most pertinent in the field today. Therefore, these events are by the community, for the community.

CommNet2 invites YOU to get involved by proposing an event and using your own expertise and networks to pull together event programmes. In doing so, the proposer becomes the Event Champion, taking the lead, with CommNet2 offering administrative and marketing support, guidance, financial contribution and a web presence alongside.

The Proposal Process

Proposing your event is simple, please read our guide below on the key roles of Event Champion and CommNet2, and then download our submission form and event organisation gantt chart to give you an idea of timeframes and tasks.

Once submitted, your proposal will be evaluated at the CommNet2 Management Board meeting. The Management Board meet approximately every 6 – 8 weeks and so decisions will be made on a quarterly basis.

Proposal Form

Click below to download the CommNet2 proposal form, it outlines the information we need from you and contains lots of useful advice. Download Form

Event Gantt Chart

Click to download the CommNet2 Gantt chart which features an ideal timeframe for organisation and a breakdown of tasks week by week Download Chart

Get inspired

Have a look at some of our previous events to see the types of event formats, reception and outputs we’ve had so far. Previous Events

How CommNet2 can help you realise your aims

In order for the event to be successful and have maximum impact for an amongst our community, it is imperative that the Event Champion has carefully read through and understands their role, alongside the role of CommNet2:

Role of Event Champion

  • Organisational & thematic control

    The key responsibility of CommNet2 Event Champions is to take overall ownership in defining the content, structure and of the organisation of the event. Champions should form an Events Team, with any local administrative or event support included. Champions may delegate organisation to interested colleagues, and the champion role may be shared.

  • Host your event locally

    Where possible, we ask Event Champions to provide a venue locally (i.e. booking a room within their own University or Company building). This helps to keep event costs down and allows CommNet2 to provide financial support for other aspects of your event. If this is not possible, CommNet2 will help you to search for alternative venues.

  • Select, contact & confirm your speakers

    The Event Champion is to organize, confirm and brief any speakers or facilitators connected to the event ahead of time. They are also to gather information from speakers for CommNet2, such as biographies, presentation titles and abstracts. Other information provided by the Event Champion will be layout of venue, AV support contacts, and local quotes for catering.

  • Share output with the community

    Our Event Champions will agree beforehand and commit to producing any decided outputs from the event. As a minimum, this will usually be an event report or white paper for sharing with the community and agreeing to report back at the CN2 Annual Conference.

Role of CommNet2

  • Support & advice

    The key role of CommNet2 is to support the Event Champion by providing administrative, marketing and logistical support. We can also share ideas, offer advice and best practice where needed.

  • Financial contribution

    CommNet2 will provide a financial contribution towards the cost of the event, such as for catering, speakers’ costs, event stationery and printing of folders, programmes and badges, and with any technical services (such as the hire of a technical writer for an event report).

  • Advertising & web presence

    We will market the event to our ~170 CN2 members, aswell as our wider mail out reach of ~350 community members, and our contacts in IEEE, IET, NGN, Cambridge Wireless, mVCE amongst others. We will provide bespoke branding materials and a unique event website for advertising and for attendee information.

  • Registration & communication

    CommNet2 will provide a mechanism for registering attendees and will communicate with registered delegates on how to reach the venue and what to expect on the day. We can provide administrative support during the day itself (i.e. running registration, timekeeping), and post-event services, such as the gathering of attendee feedback and maintenance of webpages for follow ups.

Frequently Asked Questions