Event Alert: Public Lecture “Fake News to Fake Data”

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    27th September 2018

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    University of Bristol

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Professor David Rogers, Founder and CEO of Copper Horse, will be giving the EPSRC CDT  in Communications Annual Public lecture on Thursday 27th September at 5.15pmon the topic ‘Fake news to fake data: manipulation of the future Internet’ .  The lecture will be held in Chemistry and followed by a drinks reception.

The lecture is free to attend but we request that you register (see below) so that catering can be arranged for the drinks reception.

Registration deadline: 21st September 2018, 09:00hrs


In the future, how will it be possible to trust anything at all? What we read, what we see and what we do – how will we know that of it is real? How will we prove that something is false or that we didn’t do something?

Current “trusted” systems based on collective ratings are manipulated on a wholesale basis, with services to perform this available to anyone prepared to pay. From products to restaurant reviews, to endorsements our perceptions are being twisted by falsehoods which are sometimes algorithmically generated. Pictures can be manipulated and false data trails created relatively easily.

Combined with the use of so-called “dark patterns”, rudimentary artificial intelligence is already shaping what we do, “nudging” humans into behaviours that are desired by the shepherds of such automated systems.

As our future shifts to one which humans delegate management of data gathering, leaving machines to trust data from other machines, which in turn lead to machine-based decision trees based on that data, how quickly can manipulation of critical elements of what is relied upon be turned into economic disaster? How can our connectivity through self-organising mobile networks be destroyed easily by another machine?

Professor David Rogers discusses future trust in the internet of things and connected economies and how to help prevent artificial intelligence systems from easily being gamed by adversaries.

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