EPSRC Call to Join Strategic Advisory Bodies

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    Strategic Advisory Bodies Membership

  • Deadline

    1st August 2018

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EPSRC are currently recruiting members for their strategic advisory bodies. Strategic Advisory Teams provide Heads of Theme at EPSRC with strategic advice to help develop their theme. There are vacancies available across all EPSRC areas. Details of these can be viewed on the link below.


In ICT, EPSRC are seeking to fill the following vacancies…

-Hardware (There are two vacancies here – and think broad. This spans to our electronics, photonics and architecture portfolios)

-Data Science (We would be particularly interested in someone who would also be willing to interact closely with Maths advisory teams)

-Communications (particularly the focus is on pervasive technologies)

…of which the third is most relevant to CommNet2 members. 

The expectations and characteristics of advisors is explained on the EPSRC website (See link below). In order to maintain fairness, applications will be assessed strictly based on the content provided on the application form. Existing relationships and external weblinks will not factor into the assessment, so please do not rely on these.

Deadline for applications is 1st August 2018.

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