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Key Information

  • When

    Thursday 11th January 2018

  • Where

    Durham University

  • Event Champions

    Dr. Aissa Ikhlef, Prof. Jonathon Chambers, Dr. Justin Coon


A recent European Signal Processing Society (EURASIP) position paper identified a number of signal processing challenges for communications beyond 5G.  These include :

  • exploiting domain knowledge in estimating channel state information
  • expanding coverage through satellites
  • utilizing quantum assisted design in solving computationally intensive optimisation problems
  • developing network assisted self-driving objects
  • designing inferential networks
  • exploiting visible light communications
  • promoting networked signal processing
  • developing open-source tools

This event provided a forum for the UK communications and signal processing community to receive presentations on these and other related topics; to network and build collaborative teams to address these challenges.